Court order to dig mass grave

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mass graveThe Kalawanchikudi Magistrate has issued a court order to dig up a mass grave which is suspected to contain bodies of some 100 Muslims who were alleged to have been abducted and killed by the LTTE in 1990.

Investigations were launched after a complaint was lodged by a person identified as Abdul Majeed Mohammed on April 9 this year that nearly 100 Muslims in Kattankudi were abducted by the LTTE at various times, shot dead and buried near the Kurukkalmadam Beach in Kalawanchikudi.

In his complaint to the Kalawanchikudi police he had identified the location of the mass grave which is to be dug on July 1.

The police have been guarding the alleged mass grave from the time the complaint was lodged.

During the 30-year-old conflict the LTTE had captured parts of the East with a Muslim majority and are said to have massacred several Muslims.