Paddy lost to jogging track of Boralesgamuwa

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 Text & Pix by Dayarathne Pathirana

The farmers of Pillewa in Boralesgamuwa were facing difficulties in taking a threshing machine or a two wheel tractor to the farmlands owing to the construction of jogging tracks and the newly renovated canal during the landscaping of the area.
The farmers charged that these machines were not permitted to be taken through these tracks and the bordering canal too had limited space, compelling them to carry the machines to the paddy fields.

During the beautification of the area with landscaping and constructing of jogging tracks, the entire paddy lands had been taken over by the government without any compensation, they charged.
The farmers had been allowed to engage in cultivation activities but had been directed to adhere to certain standards.
As this methodology was expensive the farmers had refrained from cultivation during the past season, residents said.
The farmers who braved all constrains were now faced with the problem of threshing their harvest by not being able to transport them to the field due to restrictions because of the jogging tracks.
This had forced the farmers to carry their harvest manually about one kilometre away to another place for threshing.paddy4
The farmers charged that this type of development had been planned and executed by government officials who had never seen cultivation activities in a paddy field.
“These officials of the former government had indulged in a scheme to discourage the farmers from being involved in farming and to keep them away from cultivating paddy lands,” a farmer said.