Former CMC Commissioner Faces Alleged Election Violations

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By Nabeela Hussain

Preliminary investigations into the allegations of election law violations by former Colombo Municipality Commissioner during the recently concluded presidential election are set to begin next week, the Western Provincial Council informed yesterday.
Western Province Governor K. C. Logeswaran said the former municipality commissioner was attached to the chief secretary’s office but had not been given any responsibilities.
“The officers we have appointed so far have backed out for various reasons. But we will appoint an investigations officer and an inquiry will be conducted soon,” he said.

“ The probe would look into election laws violated by the former commissioner during her tenure. If we find that it are prima facie reasons, we will conduct a full investigation and she will be directed to the Ministry of Public Administration where necessary steps would be taken,” he said.
Speaking to the Daily Mirror last week, Colombo Mayor A. J. M Muzzammil said that he had made a written a complaint to the Western Provincial Council that the former Commissioner had violated election laws. “I cited several irregularities; for instance there were some transfers in the municipality before the elections. The transfers were halted by the Elections Department and the Public Services Commission, who were informed of the situation,” Muzzammil said.

Meanwhile, municipality sources said that investigations into the administration of the former commissioner were being conducted at the moment. It was recently revealed that a cheque for Rs. 29 million which the municipality was to receive as stamp revenue had been directed to the Army. “The police are investigating into that matter right now,” the source said.