wPC takes tougher approach in disease control

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By Darshana Sanjeewa
Special units to prevent dengue, communicable and non- communicable diseases and also look into emergency situations in the province have been set up by the Western Provincial Health Ministry will begin work today (February 24).  The ministry said that a unit has been established in each of the 42 divisions falling under the purview of the Western Province. Each unit comprising disease prevention assistants would make daily reports to public health inspectors (PHIs) who in turn would be given more power to fine residents answerable to infringements of health and hygiene regulation or take legal action against them.
Western Province Health Director Dr. Deepthi Perera said each of the units now have three to four members but more would be recruited in the future. “There are close to 160 employees altogether, but we will recruit more if the need arises,” she said.
“These units will look into everything from garbage dumping, dengue breeding grounds, unsafe areas in households buildings, wells, electricity lines, canals, areas with potential to cause accidents in homes, and also provide veterinary services to ensure rabies does not spread,” she said.
The decision to establish these units was taken after the number of dengue related cases and accidents reported in the province increased.
The units are expected to inspect at least 25 houses and buildings a day, Dr. Perera said. “The environmental authorities and health authorities should collaborate in this programmes. We don’t have the necessary team coordination on the ground yet, but hope that setting up the units would promote the desired partnership,” she said.





Despite intense anti-dengue programmes then and now

Resilient dengue keeps winning battles



By Darshana Sanjeewa
The National Dengue Control Unit (NDCU) said yesterday that a total of 61,580 premises and gardens were inspected during a three-day dengue eradication programme in the Western Province.


“The Epidemiology Unit reported that 8,047 cases of dengue had  been recorded across the country, and that 2,387 were reported from the  Colombo District “


The NDCU said legal action had been taken against 376 persons in the province and that 237 were from the Colombo District. While another 1,240 individuals were issued red notices, mosquito larvae were found in 722 places. A total of 10,079 potential mosquito breeding grounds were detected.
Officials of the unit said that 35,330 premises in Colombo District were inspected during the programme. Statistics showed that 6,427 spots were identified as potential mosquito breeding grounds in Colombo District and 613 persons were given red notice. The Health Ministry launched the eradication programme from February 19 to Feb 21 in collaboration with personnel from the three forces – Army, Navy and Air Force and also the Western Province Police.  During the programme health officials and the tri-forces had inspected and cleaned households, government institutions, schools and business premises.
Meanwhile the Epidemiology Unit reported that 8,047 cases of dengue had been recorded across the country, and that 2,387 were reported from the Colombo District.




Panagoda-Meegasmulla 2-km road saga continues


Authorities fail even to keep the dust down   




Text and pics by K. Bhuddika
Residents of Hanwella, Homagama yesterday took to the streets again protesting against the slow response on the part of the authorities to renovate a 2 km stretch of road from Panagoda to Meegasmulla.
They blocked roads with rocks and blocks of wood and burned tyres demanding that authorities respond to their demands faster.
Last week the residents protested that they could not use the road which had not been renovated completely. Sand and metal used for the initial phase of the renovation caused  heavy dust to spread across the area, residents said.   The Athurugiriya Police and Western Provincial Council Opposition Leader Manju Sri Arangala  discussed the issue with residents who agreed to halt the protest after authorities promised to spray water in the area to reduce the dust and also start renovations which had been halted.
Residents agreed to give authorities a week before taking to the streets again. However, as water was not sprayed on the road earlier the protest commenced yesterday.  The protest halted when police and local government representatives promised to bring in the officials in charge of the project. However, the protest commenced when the officials did not come to the area.