Robbing Peter to pay whom ?

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Text and pics by Muditha Dayananda
Kotte Mayor Janaka Ranawaka yesterday said a protest would be staged to ensure that the land acquired by the Urban Development Authority (UDA) by the previous government is not endorsed by the current government.
Speaking at a press conference the mayor said that they would stage a protest in front of Ananda College when the new ground was being declared open. He alleged the ground was acquired by the UDA but that the municipality had not been informed of its decision.
The press conference was organised by the mayor in protest of a letter he received  from  the Principal of Ananda College saying that an opening ceremony would be held on March 11, under the patronage of  the Public Administration Minister Karu Jayasuriya. With regard to the land in question, it was explained that the land was acquired from  the Kotte Municipality by the former defence secretary.
It also came to light that there was a problem regarding the acquisition of  the land without informing the MC to be given to Ananda College. A doubt was why this ceremony was to be held in the absence of the President. The mistake done by the previous government was expected to be rectified by the present government.


“The press conference was in response to a letter from  the Principal of Ananda College that an  opening ceremony would be held on March 11, under the patronage of Minister Karu Jayasuriya”

“ This stadium was built in 1995 by the former Mayor Chandra de Silva. It was transferred to  the MC by the Urban Development Authority. We have spent 30 million rupees for the construction of the stadium there. We have the   titles we received in 2007 proving ownership. We have not been told that this land had been transferred to Ananda College so far,” Ranawaka said.
In response to a question posed by a journalists as to why a protest had not been staged when the previous government had transferred the land, the mayor replied that   several influential officers had ruled the country including the former secretary of defence and that he was helpless during that period.
Mayor Ranawaka said that he would start a protest to regain the land acquired by the UDA. Several UPFA councillors also participated at the press conference.