What’s up Water Board ?

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Text and pic by Dayarathna Pathirana

Panadura Pradeshiya Sabha Member, Krishantha Chaminda complained that underground pipelines carrying water from Wadduwa to Panadura   break down often in many places resulting in muddy water being distributed among rate payers. He also pointed out that that water bills had skyrocketed.

Speaking at a monthly meeting, Chaminda said the pipes were too old to stand the  pressure exerted by the large amount of water distributed in the area by the National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB).
“The water pressure is too high for the old pipes.  Even after some pipes were repaired, a large amount of mud finds its way into the water supply and people spend a lot of water and money cleaning their tanks of mud,” the PS member said.

He also said that the Water Board spent a large sum repairing the pipes and suggested that it would be prudent to replace them rather than keep repairing them. Panadura Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman M. Ifhas Nabuhan said the PS could do nothing about the situation. “We can’t take matters into our own hands, but as has been suggested we will write to the relevant authorities,” he said.