Govt. to renew EU ties on positive trajectory: Mangala

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Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera opening the proceedings of the Sri Lanka-European Union (EU) joint commission yesterday conveyed the government’s keen desire to develop trade, investment and economic relations with the EU.

In particular, he emphasized the importance of GSP+ trade concessions and the lifting of the fish exports ban to the EU.
In his opening remarks Minister Samaraweera said that this meeting, which takes place just 82 days after the new government came in to power, was a “useful opportunity to reset relations between the EU and Sri Lanka on a positive trajectory”.
Samaraweera briefed the EU officials on the steps the government was taking to ensure reconciliation and accountability.
He also conveyed the government’s appreciation of the European Council’s appeal to the EU General Court on the LTTE ban, and welcomed the recent announcement that the LTTE would continue to be listed as a terrorist organization.
In this context, he noted “sustainably eradicating terrorism requires us to deal beyond its symptoms”, saying that Sri Lanka “would remedy the root causes of injustice, discrimination and prejudice that have spawned hate and violence for many decades.”
He said the new government is deeply committed to create a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-lingual Sri Lanka based on the principals of equality, justice and meritocracy, a reality of all Sri Lankans.