Miss Working Girl 2015

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By Sirohmi Gunesekera

They work hard during the day but turn glamorous by night.  The twelve finalists for the title of “Miss Working Girl 2015” walked the ramp on Wednesday, 8th April 2015 at the grand ballroom of the Galadari Hotel. The pageant, held every two years, was being held for the 19th successful time by the Lions’ Club of Thimbirigasyaya District 306 C2.

The President of the Club, Mr.Ashroff Ghany, said that the major proceeds of the project were for the “Punarjeewa Heart Fund” and the “Chuo Maithri Pre-School.”


The show began with male dancers followed by females from the Channa Wijewardena dance troupe and then the contestants walked on stage.  Each one presented herself as they sported short skirts and high heeled shoes and spoke of their jobs and ambitions for the future.

The Mini Pageants had been held earlier and Stephanie Kinson(No.9) won the title of “Best Skin” while the prize for Beautiful Hair went to Aishwini Ragwan (No.12).  Samadi Perera(No.8) won for her “Beautiful Smile” while Stephanie(No.9) also won the award for “Best Runway Model”.

The distinguished panel of  judges comprised Joyce Gunewardena, Eric Suriyasena, Sushila Gunasekera, Senaka de Silva and Surakshi Siriwardena.

Producer/Choreographer Lou Ching Wong said, “This pageant has opened many doors to young working women in Sri Lanka, not only creating a platform to display their hidden talents but an opportunity to branch out into various other fields where some of them have even reached stardom.”

In her message printed in the souvenir, Project Chairperson Dr.Soma Edirisinghe said, “The pageant is a launching pad to bring out the best in every contestant in terms of talent and skill that will stand them in good stead in developing their individual careers.
Stephanie Kinson (No.9) also won the title of “Best Figure” while Anusha Maduwanthi (No.5) was adjudged “Miss Photogenic”.  The contestants themselves selected “Miss Congeniality” Thilini