Buzz with Danu – Eshan Denipitiya

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?What does music mean to you
Music is my entire life, I play it, live with it and breathe it. Ever since I was small I have always had music around me.  I feel that Music is a powerful way to express an emotion or an idea in a beautiful way. In short, I Love Music!?What has been your dream in the field of music
My dream in music would be to follow my grandfather’s (Patrick Denipitiya) and my father’s (Mahesh Denipitiya) footsteps and one day be an internationally acclaimed Musician taking Sri Lankan music to the world platform.?What would you say is the biggest challenge in the industry
If it’s in Sri Lanka, I think the biggest challenge in the industry is to establish a full time career in music and it is a risk that I’m willing to take.
?What does your father say about the work you do? And what has his influence been like
He is quite impressed with what I do (I think :P) but his advice to me always is, in his words “This is not the end you have much more to learn and a long journey ahead” followed by “Put your phone aside and go practise!” He has always been my mentor and guide, pushing me to my limits and is my biggest inspiration. I would always look up to him not just as my father but as a great musician.?Apart from your family who are the other guiding forces behind your success
My Piano teacher Mrs. Ruvini Hapugalle for training me to be a mature pianist (also late Mrs. Dharmi Mudalige). My school St. Peters College along with the Priests and teachers for all the support and the various opportunities given to me. Aunty Hasinee, Aunty Menaka, Jehan and Uncle Eshantha for all the guidance given. And not to forget all the wonderful friends I have in my life.?Would you make this your career
Definitely! I can’t see me doing anything else but this. I will be following an Undergraduate Degree course in Music abroad this year which I’m sure will be a great asset for my future as a full time Musician.

?Do you have a song that you are hoping to release soon
If Instrumentals count? Yes I’m hoping to compose a new one very soon. May be a Symphony or a Piano Concerto.


?A  Musician who has impressed you the most
All the great composers such as Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Gershwin etc. Amongst the living Maksim Mrvica as a contemporary pianist and I also love Yanni for his Compositions and wide variety of styles he uses.

?Your thoughts on Fusion music
Fusion music (Crossover Music) is the reason for music to evolve. What I love about it is the endless opportunities you have when it comes to creating or playing music. You get to incorporate various genres of music as well as folk and traditional tunes which I think is great especially in Asian countries like Sri Lanka which has a rich cultural heritage. My main objective as a musician is to bring that out to the world.

?How was it to be a part of Jith’s show
It was Fun! A great opportunity for me to be a part of his show alongside other talented young artists. The crowd was great and I got really good feedback from them. I’m glad I was a part of it :)

?What do you see yourself doing, 5 years from now
furthering my studies in music whilst working towards establishing myself as an accomplished Pianist

?Your thoughts on “buzz with Danu”
“Buzz with Danu” is always fun, interesting and refreshing to read. Looking forward to read about many more personalities.