Ranil to UNPers: Get ready for elections

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 By Yohan Perera
Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday urged United National Party (UNP) members to gear up for a general election which he said would be announced shortly.
Speaking at a UNP meetinLate-City-DM-1-10g at Walapane Mr. Wickremesinghe said that the new Parliament would be elected before September this year. ‘Get ready for the elections,” he said and called for a joint effort by all party members to face the polls.

He said the UNP had a duty to ensure that the new political culture introduced by President Maithirpala Sirisena on January 8th this year was sustained. The prime minister said UNP should try to obtain a majority in the next Parliament to fulfil this duty.
Referring to the criticism that the present government had become complex because it comprised parties with different ideologies, Mr. Wickremesinghe said this complex government had done several things that the previous regime could not do during its long tenure. The prime minister referred to the situation in the local bodies and said the members of those bodies did not think about who was governing this country. “Members of these local bodies should beware as to who is leading the political party they belong to,” he said adding that most of these members were backing the former president.
He said the present regime would not burden the people by allocating too much money for development projects and would provide relief instead. He said an insurance scheme for paddy would be introduced soon with the assistance of the World Bank.