Construction of Multi Modal Transport Centre

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By Rumana Razick
The tender documents for the construction of the integrated bus and railway terminal at the Makumbura interchange have been submitted to the Cabinet for evaluation, the Urban Development Authority (UDA) said yesterday.

UDA Project Director Priyani Navaratne said that they were planning on commencing construction by June this year.

Navaratne said they had completed the land development in the 1.2 hectare land and would be constructing a two storey building to facilitate the project.

“It is to have a bus station and air conditioned waiting area in the ground floor and food outlets with public convenience facilities in the first floor. A parking area for taxis will also be constructed,” she said.

She said that the Maalapalla railway station would be shifted to the railway land adjoining the 1.2 hectare land in Makumbura. The bus terminal would be connected to the railway station by a bridge from the first floor of the two storey building to the railway station, she said.

“Along with the construction of the bus and railway station we will be carrying out the development of the internal roads in the Makumbura area to facilitate the Makumbura Interchange Township Development Project. The UDA is carrying out the design and planning of these roads together with the RDA,” she said.

Navaratne said that they hoped to open the bus terminal by early next year.

“The project is being done on eight hectares of abandoned paddy field acquired by the UDA. From the eight hectares 1.2 hectares will be utilized for the construction of the Multi Modal Centre. The remaining land will be utilized for a mixed development project involving the construction of hotels, shopping complexes, residential and commercial units, cinemas and other public convenience facilities under the Makumbura Interchange Township development project,” she said.

Navaratne said that basic approval for the five year project had been obtained and would be funded by the Treasury and private organizations.