Keeping Colombo City beautiful

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By Darshana Sanjeewa and Lahiru Pothmulla
President Maithripala Sirirsena has instructed the Ministry of Water Supply, Drainage and Urban Development to expedite the Colombo City beautification projects and address issues that have arisen regarding their maintenance of these projects implemented by the previous government.

A special meeting headed by Minister Rauff Hakeem was held recently at the Sri Lanka Land Reclamation & Development Corporation (SLLR&DC) auditorium in this regard where he said that the relevant authorities and officials have failed to maintain the projects, prompting people to complain.colombo3

 “There were many complaints with regard to the maintenance of these beautification projects during the recent past. I think this was because senior officials had failed to address those issues. We should introduce a hotline so that the people can forward their complaints direct.  “However, we cannot deploy Army personnel in these projects unlike the previous government,” the minister added.
Minister Hakeem also said he would make provisions to release funds from the Treasury without delay and informed that a report on the development of the projects should be given to him weekly.

“Steps should be taken to activete the Environmental Police under the Western Province Senior DIG to intervene in the dumping of thrash into canals the main reason for their unacceptable condition. Also we hope to get the assistance of Civil Security Department officers for this programme,” he said.