A vintage comedy on its way to the stage

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By Kamanthi Wickramasinghe
Veteran playwright and patron of music, Jith Peiris will present another entertaining piece of drama for all his fans and drama lovers. The Dowry Hunter by S.J Crodhdfwther is a play that will extract some good political jokes which have existed a good 70 years ago. Although many playwrights have started directing political satires and other genres of plays to suit the hottest topics in town, Jith will make sure that you will laugh at these jokes even if you have heard them a dozen times.

The plot revolves around Upali Katunayake, a young man who has won the Irish sweepstake which was a famous lottery at the time. Steven Silva, his colleague nobly assists him to invest the money he has won for something good.  Here he comes across Amaradasa who wants to sell his seat in parliament for the money. The play goes through many hysterical twists and turns and is sure to keep the audience laughing till the end.  

Reviving this play after 20 years, Jith is as excited as his fans. Most importantly, Kanishka Wijesinghe, grandson of E.C.B Wijesinghe, one of the earliest icons of the Sri Lankan drama industry will be performing in this production. The play will be directed by Indu Dharmasena who will also be giving life to the main role. The setting of the play would be in an old Dutch-type house and at the end you will just realise that even if constitutions and other rules and regulations have changed, life still remains the same.

The cast comprises Indu and Sanwada Dharmasena, Avishka De Alwis, Kanishka Wijesinghe, Yasal Ruhunage and Ruwendi Wackwella. Await cast interviews next week.