Basil’s bail application to be heard on June 15

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By Lakmal Sooriyagoda
The Colombo High Court, yesterday, fixed for June 15, the hearing to consider the revision application filed by former Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa who sought bail from the High Court.

Mr. Rajapaksa sought an order from the High Court against the Kaduwela   Magistrate’s  refusal to grant him bail.

 High Court Judge Sarojini Kusala Weerawardena ordered the respondent to file his objections on that day.

In this revision application, Mr. Rajapaksa has complained that the Kaduwela Magistrate did not consider the main issues raised by the defence in seeking bail for him and the other suspects.  

He informed  Court that the Kaduwela Magistrate had turned down the bail application on May 27, even though the Senior State Counsel had specifically mentioned that they had completed the investigations and would finalise the indictment within a few days. He further informed Court that none of the suspects had obtained financial benefits from the transactions and that fact had not been considered by the magistrate, and the suspects had been incarcerated for over one month.