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Today on the Buzz, I have  a friend and a talented man who made a music revolution in the Tamil industry back in the 90s. KRISHAN was founder member of Urban Sound with Gajan- together the duo released “Smooth Flow” in 1998 and incorporating rap into the tamil music in Sri Lanka. Some of his well known songs and my all time favourites include “J TOWN STORY”, “Raja Raja Sozha”, ” Kaadhal Kadidham.”
After some silent years, he has come back with a bang, and also an international collaboration, which was put out last Saturda. Krishan Maheson and India’s Haricharan Seshadri, join hands in Unnaal Mudiyum.

Today he speaks about his life on the Buzz…

Full Name – Krishan  Gopinath Maheson  ​kri3
Hometown-  Colombo
Status- Married
Birthday- 04 May
Idols – Jesus Christ
Passions – Music, small businesses, idea generation
Favourite Colour- Blue


Why have you been silent? 

Spending some quality time with family. Watching Pranish and Swaksha grow. Spending time with wifey Ush and also my mum. Now it’s time to get busy with music once again.

What do you think about the industry here?

It sucks for Thamizh musicians as we are competing with a much larger South Indian movie market. But things are changing.
As a tamil rap artiste, what did you want to achieve with the message behind your music? Educate, elevate and empower youth though my music.

How is married life treating you?

Married life brought in a sense of responsibility in my irresponsible life.kri4

Is it hard to balance both?

Always. So many stakeholders to satisfy. It’s not easy being a husband, father, corporate employee, musician and head a music/production label.

What was your biggest mistake?

Not going to India when my first Thamizh rap album was launched in 2005.

How do you deal with failure?

Think and cherish all the things I HAVE and be content with that.

What’s 2015 looking like for you?

Its definitely going to change a few things. I see many closed doors opening.

Tell me about your new song, Unnal Mudium?

This is about motivation, determination and driving the inner you to achieve what you believe in. This is a song that was created by me, features Haricharan from India and was made possible by PRO and Ogilvy.kri5

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

During Uni days in London selling photo shoots to random people over the phone. I lasted a week.

What’s the most embarrassing moment of your life on stage? 

When I performed at some school music function and the CD player got stuck about 5 times and then I just exited.

 Tell me about your weight loss?

Its WIP. I’ve lost about 15Kilos, got 10 more to go and hit 20% on BMI

What’s  going to be the next song?

That’s going to be mass. All my future music will be targeted towards South India and the Thamizh areas here and will focus on all popular genres of music.


In the Spot

Iraj and his political affiliations?

It’s his personal agenda. A person’s political views are his or her independent decision…kri6

Bathiya and Santhush?

It’s about time they did some new music.

Show biz in Sri Lanka?

Needs to elevate.

Kumar or Mahela? Why?

Kumar. He’s a gentleman the world admires and is knowledgeable, well spoken and obviosuly a great human being. Mahela is a legend too and will always respect him. 


If you wanted to kiss your wife, where would you take her to make it perfect?

Awkward. My wife Usha, she loves to go to Greece, maybe when I take her there, it would make it perfect.kri6


If you could have any super- power, what would it be?

Superman. More regular and direct flights to Chennai and no visas.


If you had three wishes, what would they be?

Take away sicknesses and diseases from the world, eradicate poverty, transform evil and sick minds to loving and peaceful minds.
So my 3 wishes would make the world a better place to live in.


If you were going to sing karaoke, what song would you choose?

One Sweet Day.


Would you Rather
Would you rather be a feminine man or a masculine woman?
A masculine woman.

Would you rather be the smartest moron or dumbest genius? Smartest moron.

Would you rather live out in the wilderness alone or live on as a homeless person in a big city?  Homeless in the city- I need the lights, the noise and the buzz.