CID grills Namal on A’pelessa Incident

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namal1By Lahiru Pothmulla and Sanath Desmond
The CID yesterday questioned UPFA MP Namal Rajapaksa for nearly five hours on how one of his armed security officers came to be at President Maithripala Sirisena’s meeting in Angunukolapelessa.

He was also questioned about Southern Provincial Council Minister D.V. Upul, who in his presence, had threatened to stone to death the police officers attached to the Financial Crime Investigation Division (FCID).

A corporal attached to Mr. Rajapaksa’s security detail, was arrested by CID detectives earlier and produced before the Agunukolapelessa Magistrate on May 2 for carrying a pistol at a meeting attended by the President at Angunukolapellassa on April 25.

At a May 31 public gathering which was attended by Mr. Rajapaksa and several other politicians representing the Hambantota District, Mr. Upul had threatened to stone to death the FCID officers after former president Mahinda Rajapaksa returns to parliament as prime minister.


“I was questioned about the ‘water bottle’ incident and the remarks made by provincial minister D.V. Upul. I extended my support to the investigations and hope I will be summoned again under ‘yahapalanaya’,” Mr. Rajapaksa told the media outside the CID office.
He said there had been allegations even in the past against him and his family members and that they were prepared to prove their innocence in court. “We haven’t done anything wrong. I believe the judiciary is independent and it will decide whether I’m guilty or innocent,” he said.