time to get some rest — Mahanayake to Gotabaya

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By J.A.L.Jayasinghe
While praising former defence secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa for the services he had rendered to the country, the Mahanayake of the Asgiriya Chapter, the Most Ven. Galagama Sri Aththadassi Thera, on Wednesday, expressed his satisfaction at the former’s decision not to reenter politics.DM_20150619_A001-5

“I have seen some media reports that you have decided not to reenter politics. It was a great idea. You have done enough for your country. Now it is time to get some rest,” he said to Mr. Rajapaksa in Kandy. Speaking to the media after the meeting, Mr. Rajapaksa said he had gone to invite the Mahanayake Thera to attend the annual ‘Pinkama’ of the Sunethradevi Pirivena in Pepiliyana.

When asked about Indian media reports that he would reenter politics in the future, Mr. Rajapaksa said he hadn’t said that. “How can the Indian media say something like that? Will you be happy if I reenter politics?” he asked the reporters.