Charini Suriyage

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By Tina Edward Gunawardhana
Celebrating craft and timeless design, which are representative in the designs she creates, fashion designer Charini Suriyage is a force to be reckoned with. Together with her formal design education and expertise within the lingerie industry, Charini is inspired by her Sri Lanka heritage to design collectionsDM_20150623_C008-8 that care for the environment and support small artisan communities within Sri Lanka. Widely travelled she shares her travel experiences.


?Why do you love travel
To experience different cultures.

?Your favourite travel destination and why
Peru . It was just like going back in time. The country is rich in culture and the path to Machu Picchu was one of the best nature trails. It was an inspiring trip full of adventure.

?What do you need for a perfect holiday
Sunglasses and comfortable shoes.

?In which country have you felt most at home
London , UK

?Most unusual souvenir you have brought home
Posters of vintage movie memorabilia from a market in Milan.

?Worst holiday or travel experience
Missing a connecting flight coming from the States and being stuck at the Dubai airport for half a day.

?Best piece of travel advice
Always travel light.

?Your top five travel destinations
 Paris, Tokyo, Cambodia , New York, Prague , Venice

?What has travel taught you
To appreciate the diversity of different people and also different cuisine.DM_20150623_C008-7

?Which country did you taste the best ever cuisine
Difficult to pick one as I love trying out different cuisine. I would say Vietnamese food.

?Next travel destination
 Kenya on a safari