Mangala: Diaspora would denounce secession

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By Yohan Perera and Kelum Bandara
Several sections of the Tamil Diaspora would make a public declaration shortly denouncing separatism and call for united and undivided Sri Lanka, Minister of Foreign Affairs Mangala Samaraweera informed Parliament yesterday.

Responding to a queDM_20150625_A004-4 stion raised by Leader of the Opposition Nimal Siripala de Silva, Samaraweera said even some members of the Tamil National Alliance had also adopted an ideology of an undivided country.

Referring to the recent US report on terrorist threats, the Minister said the Sri Lankan government and the USA had decided to work together in defending the maritime borders of Sri Lanka.

He said 41 agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation are continually engaged in curbing the LTTE activities internationally, while the European Union had also assured its support in cracking down the LTTE network.

He recalled that the USA had continued the ban on the LTTE and other organisations, such as Tamil Rehabilitation Organization, which back the LTTE.

He recalled that the EU too had re-imposed the ban on the LTTE. He said the EU had agreed to provide advanced passenger information finding equipment to get information on those who travel to Sri Lanka beforehand.

Further, Samaraweera said the recent report put out by the USA referred to the situation in 2014 and not this year. He said the situation had changed in 2015.