MR’s official statement on July 01

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By Piyumi Fonseka
Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa would make an official statement to the public on his stance on contesting for Parliamentary Elections on Wednesday at 10.00 am at his ancestral Medamulana residence, Media Spokesman for the former president Rohan Weliwita said yesterday.

Mr. Weliwita said his statement would respond to all speculations based on several politicians’ statements about Mr. Rajapaksa contesting the election. “Several websites and newspapers had predicted so many things quoting Mr. Rajapaksa.

 “The statement on July 1 will be a response to them,” Mr. Weliwita said. However, he did not elaborate as to how Mr. Rajapaksa has planned to make the announcement.

The former president, who suffered a surprise defeat at the presidential polls in January, had said he would take a break from politics and has yet to formally declare his political comeback.

However, he has been appearing in the media for the past few months, travelling around the country especially in temples making political speeches.