Wimal says JNP will contest with MR

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By Yohan Perera
The Jathika Nidahas Peramuna (JNP) will contest the next General Election with former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, its leader Wimal Weerawansa said yesterday. sg 

Mr. Weerawansa told a media briefing that his party would contest together with the former President no matter what party the latter would contest. Responding to a question raised by the journalists as to whether Mr. Rajapaksa and himself will get nominations from the UPFA, the JNP leader said the final decision will be made by UPFA General Secretary Susil Premajayantha. Mr. Premajayantha who is out of the country at the moment is expected to return to the country in a few days time and vital decisions with regard to the political future of UPFA is expected to be made thereafter.

However, Mr. Weerawansa said Mr. Rajapaksa will contest the General Elections any way. “We have two plans in mind, plan A and plan B and will put into operation plan B if plan A fails,” he said.

He said the people should consider the national sovereignty when casting their votes in this year’s election. Alleging that the Tamil Diaspora and the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) will try to get their aspirations fulfilled from an administration that is friendly towards them, Mr. Weerawansa said the people should be intelligent and defeat these moves. He therefore alleged that the TNA’s hope to re-merge the North and the East  while the hope of Tamil Diaspora members is to get some sort of control over the country’s economy. Mr. Weerawansa therefore said people should make a note of these developments.