SW Monsoon causes thunder showers in Colombo

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sky2 By Rumana Razick
The heavy  showers that Colombo has been experiencing the past month are due to the South West monsoon which is to end by August this year, the Meteorological Department said yesterday.

According to the department light showers are expected in the coming weeks and heavy thundershowers in two weeks time. However the department said that even though the rainfall volums were 30 to 40 percent less, there iwasno noticeable change in rainfall patterns to be concerned about.

The department further said that heavy showers are expected during the inter-monsoon season from August to November throughout the country. Adding that when the North East monsoon starts in November there will be little or no rainfall till February, the department said that cyclones may occur during this period.

When questioned on its relation to climate change the department said at present there was no research to prove that these slight changes in weather  were connected to global warming and climate change.
Meanwhile environmentalist Hemantha Vithanage said that though rainfall volumes have not changed, rainfall intensities have increased and many parts of the country including Colombo are experiencing pocket rain (where there is rain in one area and no rain half a kilometre away).

“These changes are micro climatic changes and not really related to global warming and climate change. However it cannot be said for certain if the Western Province is experiencing the effects of global warming as there is no data,” he said.

Speaking of the coastal erosion in the Dehiwela-Mount Lavinia areas he said that it is most likely because of the construction of the Port City and expansion of the Colombo South harbour. “However we cannot say for certain as there is no data,” he said.