Nirmala Kotalawala out of politics

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By Darshana Sanjeewa
Former SLFP deputy minister Nirmala Kothalawela said he would not contest the general election because he was disappointed with the political situation in the country but would engage in politics on an academic level.  DM_20150713_A001-16

“I have been in politics for more than 20 years but I don’t want to continue because of the prevailing political culture,” he said and added that he would continue to be a member of the SLFP and support Mahinda Rajapaksa.  

“I hope the UPFA wins the highest number of seats at the election and the former president is appointed prime minister,” Mr. Kothalawela said.  

Mr. Rajapaksa’s defeat had prompted him to retire from active politics.

“I couldn’t believe that someone who worked for the people was defeated at the presidential election. I will not accept a seat on the national list should it be offered to me,” he said.