Blue-eyed roads of the Western Province

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By Rumana Razick
A staggering sum Rs 28 billion misused by the Road Development Authority (RDA) has affected many road development projects in the country excepting in the Western Province.

Several contractors who had taken up RDA projects had to put up with difficulties because there had been an overall shortage of funds. However, to continue the projects, RDA Working Director Keith D. Bernard said that special Cabinet approval had been granted to regularise the contracts.  According to Bernard the money had been a loan obtained from the National Savings Bank to finance road projects, but that the funds used to finance projects outside the RDA were the responsibility of the former Ports and Highways Ministry.

None of the RDA projects in the WP were affected due to the misuse of funds because they were funded by the Treasury

“We are now resolving the matter by making payments and settling dues to contractors to continue with the projects,” he said. Meanwhile K. Selvanathan, the Western Province project director of the RDA said that none of the RDA projects in the WP were affected due to the misuse of funds because they were funded by the Treasury.

Speaking about the developments in the Marine Drive project he said they are waiting for the release of Rs 50 million to pay  compensation for property acquisitions. He also said that acquisitions from Frazer Avenue to Station Road is being carried and that construction would commence once the compensation payments have been sorted out.

He said, “ There have been a change in the plan to make Marine Drive from a four-lane one to a two- lane one due to a decision to provide 1.5 metre foot walks on both sides of the road rather than having one only on the sea side.
According to Selvanathan the project will take another 7 to 8 months to complete as rehabilitation to the sewage and drainage lines are also being carried out by the Colombo Municipal Council.