Ramadan Fasting is a protecting shield

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Fasting gives us a chance to attain high qualities, such as patience, the strength to curb ourselves from base desires and acts. Didn’t our Prophet – S.A.W. say that “Fasting is a protecting shield” as long as a person who is fasting does not harm his fast by lying and back biting. Fasting was prescribed not only for Muslims but also for previous nations for the positive effects of fasting. We realize that fasting is like a medicine against diseases whether physical or spiritual. Allah the Great Physician. He has prescribed fasting for a limited number of days. We are ordained to fast in Ramadan in the same month of the year.

This strengthens the bond of unity among Muslim Community or “ummah”. Doesn’t this permeate a sense of unity in our spiritual life? From whatever corner of the globe Ramadan is the month when every believer’s heart trembles with “Taqwa” where fear of Allah resonates. This feeling makes a man a sublime believer.

Even modern science advises us to reduce the intake of food which many find it difficult to practice Don’t we realize that a person who eats till his stomach is full feels lazy to pray to his Lord? Allah in His Mercy doesn’t expect a pregnant woman, a mother who breast feeds her child, an invalid, the feebly old and the sick to fast.

Fasting is not only to gain Allah’s pleasure alone, but also to crave for the Mercy ……. Allah and His salvation from Hell, which everyone dreads. Fasting is not complete if you don’t help the needy, the orphans, widows, the disabled and the converts.
A friendly warm hug to a new convert is far more worthy and touching than any financial charities. Listen to Allah’s command and ‘spend out of what we have given you before death comes to you’ – (3:10).

Ramadan gives us an opportunity to seek forgiveness, forget enmities,  share our food craving for the love of Allah and Paradise. We earnestly  recite the Quran and all other supplications

“Those who hoard up gold and silver and do not spend it in Allah’s way, announce to them a painful chastisement”. So the person who fasts should realize the significance of fasting which leads him to reach spiritual perfection. So it is a must that we do contemplate before we start fasting? Wasn’t Moses waiting for 40 days and nights on the mountain  of Sinai, before he received the revelation of the Torah’? Similarly Jesus was tested before he was given the Divine Message. Finally the final Prophet Mohamed S.A.W. got the Divine Message after much contemplation in the cave of Hira.

We realize all the Prophets were granted the blessings of the fast which perfects the believers morality. So we understand that Ramadan is the month of the Quran in which we are reminded of our final destination and instructions given as to how to achieve it.

as long as a person who is fasting does not harm his fast by lying and back biting

Fasting is regarded as a unique worship by the Almighty. We know the Prophet quoting Allah said thus. “All deeds of Adam’s sons are for them except fasting which is for me and I will give the reward for it. “ For Allah only knows whether a person is fasting sincerely. God only knows when the believer fasts, he practices the highest form of self control. Ramadan gives us an opportunity to seek forgiveness, forget enmities, share our food craving for the love of Allah and Paradise. We earnestly recite the Quran and all other supplications. It is also a time of joy when the community gets together in homes and mosques for ‘Ifthar’ or breaking fast. The spirituality and the closeness these functions create are absolutely out of this world!

People from all walks of life come together to break fast. After hours of rigid fasting we take a sip of water and a date. For the parched throat the water is ambrosia. When the thirst is quenched and the veins are soaked we realize the value of food and water. Don’t we?
That is why we are requested to help the poor and the needy to observe fast. We do have to continue helping the needy till they celebrate the “Id”. After a month of rigid fasting, getting rid of bad habits such as smoking, taking harmful drinks etc. you are sure to be fit to fast. Aren’t you? Fasting doesn’t impose on you to go without food or drink between dawn and dusk.


The Quran, the Guide was revealed in this month. The most sacred Night of Power and Destiny too falls this month. We can’t determine the exact night which is said to be better than one thousand nights. It is preferably sought on the odd nights of the last ten days of Ramadan. Insha Allah let everyone who seek this wonderful night get the pleasure of attaining it. The Prophet stated: “Those who spend the night of power in worship believing in its value and sacredness, their previous sins will be forgiven”      

Ayesha R.A. stated -“In the advent of the last ten days of Ramadan the Prophet stayed vigil at nights and awakened his family to worship Allah”. Therefore, we Muslims should dedicate ourselves to the commandments of Allah. The charity or poor rate of 2 1/2 %. Should be distributed for the purification of our wealth and soul. The real fasting is not to violate the laws of god but to repent in faith to your Lord trusting in His boundless Mercy.

Ramadan Fast
The Hallowed month-
That revives one’s faith and Taqwa’
Ha visited us again,
The Glorious Quran, Guide a gift
A  revelation to mankind.
In Ramadan did’ descend
What does Ramadan  proclaim ?
Observer the fast and invoke
 A1lah for self-control and piety,
To annihilate passion and evil deeds.
Thus rigid fasting does generate
Man who feeds his physical needs,
For ten and one long month
Gets a chance to purify;
His heart, his life and wealth;
To elevate himself and contemplate;
Refraining from food drink and avarice,
Is not what Allah expects- but,
Abstinence from lying and evil deeds.
Allah in is Mercy, decreed
Not to fast at night  
A time for remembrance and rest,
For piety, it is a rigid test
For man’s endurance, desires and drives:
To feel the destitute, pangs of hunger.
The Quran reminds you thus;
‘And that ye fast is better for you
If you did know Q; 2 184
The Prophet said; ‘Fasting is a shield’
So forsake it not, to please the Satan.
Weren’t the great wars won,
By the  fasting faithfull’s? -
Lord in His Mercy
Does not expect, a mother to be,
The ailing, and the very old,
Those on long  journeys, too to fast.
It is a lesson in democracy,
A universal covenant,
Observed alike by rich and poor
After ‘fourteen; hours of rigorous fasting,
Comes the time to break the fast
A time you realize the value of food.
Doesn’t the water taste like nectar?
The thirst is gone,  the veins are soaked.
In all’ humility and gratitude;
You do thank the Merciful  Lord
Who made you too, fit to fast.