A tale of medicine untold

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mou2Peradeniya University, residence to the most abundant medical undergraduate body in Sri Lanka, is offering this year a wonderful experience to step into campus grounds and be part of their quinquennial (once in five years) public medical exhibition ‘PeMEx 2015’.
The exhibition will be held from August 24 to August 31 from 9.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.  

The dedication of their 1000 strong student body will be displayed this August within their faculty premises.

The upcoming exhibition hosted by the Faculty of Medicine is the 8th of a series of medical exhibitions hosted almost every five years. The university being one of the most prestigious universities in the island is responsible for the first ever public medical exhibition in Sri Lanka, which was held in 1965, just three years after the establishment of the faculty.

Pioneering the task of educating the general public on health aspects, the first exhibition turned out a success with a massive participation. Thereby its intention to ‘create the right attitudes and knowledge among the masses on both curative and preventive components of health’ was rightly served.po2

Over the course of the next 50 years the show recurred throughout years 1965, 1973, 1978, 1986, 1993 and 1998.

Every successive exhibition drew a crowd greater than it predecessor, proving to be successful each instant. Eventually the 7th exhibition held in 2003 saw immense attention with a crowd of nearly 150,000 visitors per day.

This year, led by an executive committee of professors, doctors and students, it plans to reach even greater heights and further enlighten the non-medical community on a different take.

Headed by Prof. M.D. Lamawansha, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine as Patron, Dr. Sampath Tennakoon as Chairperson five batches of students plan to make this exhibition to truly bring the medical society closer to the public. Under the title PeMEx 2015: A tale of medicine untold there are 18 more sub-themes as well.

Exploring through, the general public will truly learn more and enjoy  the event.

Under these sub-themes, special attention will be brought to current major health issues among the general public.
The exhibitors will be focusing on disease such as Dengue fever, Filariasis, Influenza, Rickettsial diseases, SARS, the recent outbreak of Conjunctivitis, Leptospirosis, Hepatitis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary diseases and other lung pathologies.
The exhibition will also concentrate on heart diseases associated with food habits and family history, hoping that those at risk would take necessary steps to prevent heavy medical procedures in future.

Highlighted on the exhibition are segments explaining the human body, stages of life, diseases, and proper maintenance of health.
‘A tale of Medicine’ will also address health issues related to aging and will provide assistance on how to age actively and gracefully..
Additional features of the show include surgery, dental care, first aid and emergency medicine along with interesting insights on the application of medical science in legal questions under the sub-theme ‘Forensic Medicine: Justice through Medicine’.
The organising board visualises to make this event a breakthrough in medical education within the public in achieving better national health standards.

The 2015 exhibition also deviates from the traditional show-and-tell format of exhibitions in the way the topics are presented.
The Medical Faculty also provides opportunities to provide health services at the venue. There will be medical screenings, and counselling programmes as you go through and individuals will be thoroughly examined. Plans have been made to refer anyone to the closest hospitals if issues are detected.

Exploring through, the general public will truly learn more and enjoy the event.
The organisers hope that Advanced Level students next year will be highly motivated as they will see many things they would not see in school laboratories.

Schools have been invited to be part of the event and the University of Peradeniya Alumni are specially invited.