Jana Jaya City, the white elephant of Kotte Opposition charges Kotte MC is unable to feed it

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twer3Text and pics by Muditha Dayananda
The interest payment on loan taken to construct the luxury super market ‘Jana Jaya City’ far exceeded the income of the municipality, opposition members of the Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte Municipal Council  said  yesterday.

The luxury shopping complex initially planned to be constructed in Welikada  as a 23 – storey building was later changed to a twelve storey structure. The Rs. 1.5 billion project was to include a roof- top terrace, mini theatre and a hotel.

Although the Opposition was against the firm chosen to implement the project on the grounds it did not have the capacity to carry out the project and that ground tests of the site indicated that a 23-storey building could not be built there.   However, it has been revealed that the municipality has received approval for the project from the Urban Development Authority (UDA) on the understanding that it would allocate more land for parking.  

The Rs. 1.5 billion luxury shopping complex planned to be constructed at  Welikada  as a 23-storey building was later changed to a twelve-storey  structure

UNP Municipal Councillor Chandima Nayanajith said such a project could not be implemented without the necessary approvals or adequate land area for a parking lot.  

Another Councillor Jayantha Hemasiri alleged that Mayor Ranawake promised to raise the necessary funds by pre-selling shopping spaces in the building. “But the municipality has taken out a loan for Rs. 180 million for the construction of this building and the interest is much more than the municipality can afford to pay,” he said.  When contacted Kotte Mayor Janaka Ranawaka denied that  approvals for the project had been received. 

“They said the space allocated for the parking lot was not enough. But, we will allocate space from municipality lands for it. We have made more money than we expected by pre-selling shops and we will pay the loans with the money we make from them.” he said.