Maru Palanaya

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By Rihaab Mowlana
Indu Dharmasena’s newest political satire Maru Palanaya returns to the stage this weekend – 25 and 26 July.

Maru Palanaya revolves around Romesh Kaylingnayaka who has just won the presidential election. Before long, Romesh is joined by his cousin Vyjayanthi Lanudena who has rushed in from London to offer him her support. While the newly elected Romesh is eager to deliver on his election promises, Vyjayanthi believes that promises are made to be broken. 

Nevertheless, Marxist Alliance Party leader Upul Paminillygoda, National Alliance Party leader Nadeeka Pamawardena and People’s United Freedom Front General Secretary Rohan Molagoda, are all striving to help Romesh achieve his goal. But are they, really? Are some of them covertly pushing their own agendas? Which of them are genuine in serving the people and the country? Will the well intentioned Romesh succumb and fall prey to the absolute power awarded to him in his capacity as President?  

It is the quest of one Man, to do what no one has done before! THE RIGHT THING! In the dog-eat-dog world of politics, anything is possible.