GS says drunken man was the culprit

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DM_20150724_A001-10 DM_20150724_A001-23By Krishan Jeewaka Jayaruk
A Grama Seva Niladhari caught in the Akuressa election rally incident involving  former President and Kurunegala district UPFA candidate Mahinda Rajapaksa, said yesterday a  drunken person who was behind him  had grabbed the hand of  Mr. Rajapaksa.

GS Officer W. Wijesinghe, attached to the Telijjawila, Wandagoda Division of the Matara district, said this drunken person put his arm behind, and that at the same time, the crowd started shoving. Then, he said Mr. Rajapaksa slackened his hand from this grab.

“According to video footages, many assumed that   I was grabbing the hand of Mr. Rajapaksa. I received several telephone calls from here and abroad inquiring about this incident,” he said.

He also said state intelligence authorities had started recording statements from him.