Samarasinghe backs down

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Says people may hoot

mahinda-samarasighaBy Darshana Sanjeewa
Former SLFP Parliamentarian Mahinda Samarasinghe said he would not take part in the rally to be held in Kalutara on August 3, as he had information that several individuals were planning to hoot at him. Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa is also slated to take part at the rally.

“I have not done anything to be hooted at as I have only engaged in clean politics. If people hooted at me, media will report that the public hooted at me, not that it was a planned action by several individuals. There are several candidates who will do whatever it takes to win,” he said.

“The former President, nor I would be able to control the situation if something like this were to happen,” he said.

Commenting on the incident where SLFP candidate Nandimithra Ekanayake was hooted at in Na-ula, Samarasinghe said he condemned such action.

“The party should conduct an investigation into the matter. If the party members in Matale had held a press conference right after the incident, they would’ve proven that the incident did not take place due to competition within the party. Such incidents would only reduce the number of votes due to the SLFP,” he said.

Speaking about international inquiry into the alleged war crimes to take place at the Geneva UN Human Rights Council in September, Minister Samarasinghe said if he were elected to Parliament he would look forward to represent the country at the Council.