Sobitha Thera supports conditionally

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By Yohan Perera and Lahiru Pothmulla
Untitled-7The civil organizations including the Movement for Just Society led by Venerable Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera yesterday said they had decided to support the United National Front for Just Society (UNFGG) under conditions including the appointment of Venerable Sobitha Thera as the Chairman of the Constitutional Assembly which the party had pledged to set up in its manifesto.

The civil leaders and the Venerable Thera told a news conference that they would oppose the UNFGG if it failed to fulfil the conditions it had promised after coming into power. 

“We will constructively oppose the UNFGG if it moved away from delivering their promises,” Venerable Sobitha Thera said while stressing that this strong statement of the civil organizations stood as a guarantee that the UNFGG would fulfil its promises.

The other conditions laid out by the civil organizations are commencing probes on corruption and completing them within few years, enacting the 20th Amendment to the Constitution, Anti Corruption Act and brining in a Cross Over Bill. Venerable Thera said people should become aware of the powers they have and vote intelligently at the elections. 

He appealed to the people not to vote for corrupted, drug dealers and paedophiles.

“The issue today is that people are not aware how to use their powers including franchise to elect suitable people to Parliament,” the Thera added.