Someone’s blunder is a pain to the public

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By Kusal Chamath DM_20150804_A006-3 DM_20150804_A006-4
The public is concerned about the inconvenience they may face if the use of the new overhead pedestrian bridge near the Panadura private bus stand was made compulsory. At present, thousands of passengers travelling to Panadura from several areas including Bandaragama and Horana to take train at the Panadura Railway Station use the pedestrian crossing with colour lights to cross Galle Road to reach the station.

Regular travellers pointed out that if the use of the overhead was made compulsory it would entail a walk of about 500 metres along the Galle Road to use it to get to the station.  They were of opinion that the over head pedestrian bridge was a waste of public funds as it served little purpose. They hope however, that the authorities would allow them to use the existing pedestrian crossing across Galle Road as at present as every second was important to catch their trains especially in the mornings.