Uncovered side drains in Panadura

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drain2By Kusal Chamath     
Many side drains along the main road in Panadura area including the Galle road have not been covered creating a serious threat to the safety of the pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

Several pedestrians who fell into the side drains had been seriously injured, sources said.  The public pointed out that more than 2ft deep side drains should be covered with concrete slabs.

They said unscrupulous individuals dropped garbage into the open side drains causing obstructions to the free flow of water and that stagnant water created a health hazard. Residents expressed concern about the insecure side drains along the Galle road and the bi-roads in Panadura town and along the Horana road.

They requested the Road Development Authority (RDA) to cover the unprotected side drains that endangered the public with accidents.