No regrets; UNP victory is good as mine: Rosy

Published : 8:55 am  August 20, 2015 | No comments so far |  |  (427) reads | 

 By Piyumi Fonseka
Former State Minister and UNP Colombo district candidate Rosy Senanayake, who failed in her bid for re-election, said having to confine her campaign within the Colombo West electorate was one of the reasons she obtained only 65,320 preferential votes.

She said heDM_20150820_A001-59r fellow candidates were not too happy when she visited other electorates in the Colombo district to carry out her election campaign and as such found it difficult to widen the scope of her campaign.

 “A UNP victory and to install a UNP-led government was my priority and I expended all my efforts to make it happen and I am overjoyed that it did happen. This is another reason why I was unable to fully focus on my campaign while most of my colleagues were focusing on their personal campaign and ensuring their victory above all else. However, my party won and I am really happy about that. I respect the people’s verdict. After all this is what politics means,” Ms. Senanayake said.  She said the UNP’s election victory was as good as if she herself had won and therefore had no regrets.

With regard to her future as a politician, Ms. Senanayake said she would continue to serve the people as a politician and as a women’s rights activist.  She said it saddened her to notice that several media sites sponsored by her opponents had carried out a mudslinging campaign with fabricated stories attacking her character.

“As a woman politician I have had to overcome many obstacles along my political journey, especially during the pre-election period of the recently concluded general election,” Ms. Senanayake said.

Meanwhile she expressed her good wishes to her colleagues who were elected to parliament as UNP members and asked them to work hard with Premier Ranil Wickremesinghe to successfully carry the party’s ‘Five Point Plan’.