The forgotten stretch of Galle Road

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By H.M.Dharamapala and Kusal Chamath
The main road from William Junction to the Maliban Junction along Galle Road has been in a dilapidated condition for some time. Drivers pointed out that the traffic congestion on the road and accidents were mainly due to this reason. They said the police often attempted to ease the traffic congestion by allowing Colombo bound vehicles to move in four lines and restricting the fly over for one way traffic but it was not a success.

Another complaint was that the both the road and the fly over were not  distinguishable at night and that many vehicles had crashed into the  protective fence in the fly over at its entry points.
The Economic Development Ministry improved the road from Colpetty to Wellawatta and from Maliban Junction to Nalluruwa in Panadura which included a part of the old Galle Road from Panadura to Moratuwa, but neglected the stretch of the road between the Maliban Junction and the  William Junction in Dehiwela.

The fly over constructed at a colossal  expenditure had not contributed to the easing of the traffic congestion  in Dehiwala town

Area residents pointed out that the fly over constructed at a colossal expenditure had not contributed to the easing of the traffic congestion in Dehiwala town and that the project had obstructed the drainage system from C.E.Jayawardena Mawatha to the Dehiwala Junction resulting in the road going under water  during heavy rain.