Why are Maharagama development projects non-starters?

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Text & pics by Muditha Dayananda
Despite a number of projects that have been proposed for the Maharagama area, residents complained that only the Maharagama weekly fair project has been implemented.

For example, although a number of buses start from Maharagama, a bus stand is yet to be built. A small plot of land in the middle of the town used to park buses and three-wheelers is also leased out to vendors during festival seasons. Also though the acquisition of a number of plots of lands have been  proposed, the authorities have not been able to acquire any land to  construct a bus stand.  
The lack of a public parking lot has been another issue faced by residents. Many have been forced to park along the High- level Road, which is congested despite it being widened recently.  

A plan to widen the Hospital Road, which was proposed three years ago, has been halted as officials have been unable to find suitable land to shift vendors operating along the road. The Maharagama supermarket complex too is in a dilapidated condition and development plans that were approved by the UDA 15 years ago have been forgotten, residents said.  

Previous development plans proposed the construction of a fly-over from the Maharagama Junction to the Maharagama Police and a parking lot below it. However although the project was modified over the years, no plan of implementing appears to be forthcoming.