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By Piyumi Fonseka and Indika Aravinda
Newly appointed Tourism  and  Christian Religious Affairs  Minister John Amaratunga said yesterday he would consider introducing regulations to prevent locals from being admitted to casinos.

He told the media after assuming duties at his ministry that casinos should be out of bounds for Sri Lankans and only foreigners should be permitted their use.

The minister said this matter was severely criticised by religious leaders because gambling at casinos would have an adverse affect on the country’s morality and social fabric.  “Currently, a few casinos operate in Sri Lanka but under my tenure no new casinos will be permitted. I will be considering new regulation to allow only foreigners to enter the existing casinos,” he said.

The minister said he would ensure that Tourism would bring the highest amount of foreign exchange to the country within a year.

He said the ministry would take measures to establish a proper institution to cater to foreign investors who wish to invest money in local projects.