Once beautiful Mount Beach has gone to the Dogs

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By H.M.Dharmapala and Kusal Chamath
Residents of the area and foreign tourists are concerned and disappointed about the poor condition of the Mount Lavinia Beach brought about by chiefly by local tourists who are not concerned about the need to keep the beach clean and tidy.

Environmentalists pointed out they implemented environmental promotion programmes in keeping the Mount Lavinia Beach clean with the help of civil society organisations and the municipal council but that the efforts were not productive. They said that local tourists who came in large groups during  week ends and  public holidays left the beautiful Mount Lavinia, a popular tourist destination  in South East Asia providing a livelihood to thousands of  families, looking like a garbage dumping ground.

The Dehiwala Mount Lavinia Municipal Council and the Coast Conservation  Department had a large responsibility in protecting the Mount Lavinia beach

The environmentalist also said that people living in shanties use the beach to ease themselves for want of toilet facilities in their houses.
Meanwhile the managements of several hotels and restaurants approved by the Tourist Board said that unauthorised buildings and stalls that were not up to the standards of the tourist industry caused extensive environmental damage and tarnished the beauty of the surroundings.

Local tourists; mushroom cafes and hotels; shanty dwellers and fishermen are responsible

They also said that  mushroom lodges and guest houses provided privacy to twilight women and schoolchildren engaging in immoral activities. They also said fishermen leave their boats along the beach for want of a boat anchorage and that it was another cause of environmental damage.

Environmentalists while requesting the authorities to deploy a security service to take action against persons  responsible for environmental damage in the Mount Lavinia beach pointed out that the Dehiwala Mount Lavinia Municipal Council and the Coast Conservation Department had a large responsibility in protecting the Mount Lavinia beach.