Colombo’s drinking water free of arsenic

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By Chaturanga Pradeep
The Central Environmental Authority (CEA) yesterday assured there was no arsenic or heavy metals in the drinking water supplied to Colombo and the suburbs and requested people not to panic.

Arsenic is a semi-metal and is odourless and tasteless. It enters the water from natural deposits in the earth or from agricultural and industrial operations.

“The quality of water was tested by the CEA and the National Water Supply Board using samples of water taken from the Kelani River on the day the contamination was reported by consumers. The tests had found that there was no arsenic or heavy metal in the water,” CEA Deputy Director-General Dr. Sanjaya Ratnayake said. He said the CEA had monitored several industries in the Gampaha District which was reported to have contaminated the water in the Kelani River and had instructed them on their waste management systems.
Dr. Ratnayake said the industries situated along the Kelani River would be closely and constantly monitored to check for pollution. He said those living on the banks of the Kelani River would also be advised on how they should dispose of any waste materials.