Minister promises to enhance penalties

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By Piyumi Fonseka
With public anger mounting after the sexual molestation and killing of five-year-old Seya Sadeumi of Kotadeniyawa, the newly appointed Women and Children’s Affairs Minister Chandrani Bandara gave an assurance yesterday that the penalties for child rapists would be enhanced.Late-City-DM-1-23

She said she would discuss the matter with Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe.

When assuming duties as Minister of Women and Children’s Affairs, Ms.Bandara said the existing laws to address various forms of violence against children and women were inadequate and needed revision.

“The whole country was shocked by the inhuman murder of the little girl who should be enjoying her mother’s affection. Since the public are also clamouring for  stricter laws against the sexual harassment of children, I will,  as the Minister of Children’s Affairs, take severe action against rapists so that the recurrence of such acts would be eliminated or minimised,” she said. She emphasised that the maximum possible punishment should be given to the person or persons responsible for Seya’s murder. Speaking to the media, Housing and Construction Minister Sajith Premadasa said that while the government should be responsible for the protection of the children it was also the bounden duty of the parents to keep an eye on their children.

He said there was no point in imprisoning and rehabilitating child rapists and that they should be sentenced to death in order to eradicate them from society. “We all talk about Yahapalanaya. But when punishing child rapists, some sort of dictatorship should be established.

We request all concerned, especially parents, to be very vigilant in protecting the children, who are the future of our country,” he said.