We used minimum force, say police

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By Chaturanga Pradeep
In response to the viral video which showed two traffic policemen assaulting a disabled motorcyclist, Police have issued a statement saying, “the officers had used minimum force and that the police respected the disabled”. 

The video of the assault went viral in the social media. It showed  two Traffic Police officers attached to the Kahatagasdigiliya Police assaulting a disabled motorcyclist.
Police said the motorcyclist had been riding without a helmet on Tuesday and had ridden on after the two police officers signaled him to stop. 
The officers had then intercepted and stopped him. The statement added:  “When the officers were about to search him, the motorcyclist had removed his prosthetic leg and attempted to avoid being taken into custody.
“Police brought him under control using minimum force and found he was under the influence of liquor and also did not posses a valid driving licence.  “The officers carried out a breathalyzer test and released him on police bail and instructed to him to be present in court yesterday.
“Police are to file a case in the  Kahatagasdigiliya Magistrate’s Court against the suspect on charges of riding a motorcycle while under influence of liquor, riding without a helmet, not possessing a valid driving licence and ignoring police signals. “The suspect, Jayaratnage Karunaratna is a resident of the Kahatagasdigiliya Police Division. He has been convicted on nine previous occasions. “ “Police had used the minimum force entitled under the law when taking him into custody. Someone who had videoed the incident had released it to the social media. “However investigations have begun under the supervision of an ASP on the instructions of the Anuradhapura SSP. After investigations disciplinary action will be taken against the officers if they are found to have used excessive force. “The police give due respect and honour to the war heroes and the disabled.”