‘i killed the boy because his father harassed me’

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By Irangi Edirisinghe and Buddika Kumarasiri
The suspect arrested in connection with the killing of a ten-year-old student at Athurugiriya on Friday has confessed that he killed the boy to seek revenge from his father, who has been harassing the suspect, a senior police officer said.DM_20150928_A001-12

“The boy’s father Ranjith has often harassed me and hurt my feelings  ever since I came to work in the metal quarry and I wanted to take revenge by killing his son as a way of causing him to suffer all his life. I was waiting for an opportunity to do it and I got a Manna knife turned out for the purpose.  On the day of the incident he came to the house where I live and asked for some money. I told him he could get the money from a till buried in the kitchen floor. I hacked him to death no sooner he bent down looking for the till,” the suspect said in his confession to the Police.

Kavindu Devinda Kapuruge had been hacked to death and his body was recovered by the villagers from a pool of blood in an abandoned house at Kapurugoda in Panagoda. The suspect whom the police identified as 50-year-old Ellage Ebrahim Perera alias Liyanage had been a worker in a metal quarry near the child’s house. He was a resident of Kaduwela in Kotalawala and a bachelor. Although he had introduced himself to the residents under several aliases, Aturugiriya police were successful in arresting him within 24 hours of this senseless tragedy.

Investigations revealed that he had been remanded in connection with another killing and a series of robberies and had been released on bail in 2007. Police said they were searching for the manna knife used in the killing.


  •  Suspected killer injured


By Buddhika Kumarasiri
The man arrested in connection with the killing of the ten-year-old boy at Athurugiriya was injured when he is said to have slipped on a wet stone while being taken to the metal quarry where he is believed to have hidden the weapon used in hacking the boy to death.  He was admitted to the Homagama Hospital with leg injuries and later transferred to the Colombo National Hospital. Meanwhile, the suspect was produced before the Homagama Magistrate and remanded till October 7.