Rape of underage girls on the rise

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By D.G.Sugathapala
Statistically, 56 underage girls have been raped and 26 others have faced serious sexual abuse in the Galle SP division since 2014. A senior police official in the area said 38 rapes of minors and 15 incidents of sexual abuse have been reported in the first nine months of this year.

He said the perpetrators included relatives, family friends, school teachers, lovers, police and security personnel and local politicians and that legal action had been taken against them.

The police official said public awareness programmes with the participation of women’s organisations, school development societies, civil society organisations, civil defence committees and schoolchildren have been launched to minimise the recurrence of similar incidents. However, he pointed out that children who fell prey to such incidents did so mainly due to the negligence of parents. He stressed that parents should keep a watchful eye on their children and monitor their use of  the internet, Facebook, cellular phones as well as their companions.