Another woman killed in Kotakethana

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By Lasantha Niroshana
A 48-year-old mother of two was found hacked to death in a tea estate at Opathawatte in Kotakethana yesterday evening, police said.

The victim identified as Nadan Paappu was a tea plucker of the upper estate at Opathawatte, in close proximity to Kahawatte and Kotakethana.

The employees of the tea estate had searched for her as she had not returned after handing over plucked tea leaves to the tea leaf station. The employees had later found the body of the victim with sharp stab injuries.

Police and Special Task Force (STF) personnel were still been deployed in the area following the series of killings reported in the recent past. At least 16 women were found hacked to death at Kahawatte, Kotakethana, Dambulwala, Warapitiya, Opathawatte and nearby areas during the past five years. Yesterday’s death was the third killing of a Tamil woman in the area.