Govt. to limit number of advisers

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By Sandun A Jayasekera
 The government has limited the number of ministerial advisers to two and revised the appointment criteria to ensure good governance, a presidential secretariat spokesman said.

He said the cap on ministerial advisers was also meant to prevent family friends and relatives without the necessary qualifications needed for the job being appointed as advisers. 

The spokesman said the government would lay down the policy to be strictly adhered to when making such appointments and the payment of allowances to the appointees.

 He said those appointed would need to possess an in depth knowledge on the matters handled by the ministry and outsiders appointed only in the event such advisory services could not be obtained from the senior ministry officials.

 “Only a maximum of two advisers should be assigned to a minister with Cabinet approval and that two will depend on the number of ministries under the purview of a minister,” the spokesman said.  

He said the government was compelled to take this decision to nullify the hitherto adopted method of appointing ministry advisers in a haphazard manner by previous governments, especially the highly misused and abused practice adopted by ex-president Mahinda Rajapaksa and his ministers during the tenure of the UPFA government.

“It is no secret that the so-called advisers were paid vast sums of money as salaries and allowances in addition to the various other perks and privileges they enjoyed,” he added.