Janatha Handa takes up arms against Templar’s Road factory

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pan2By Indika Manoj Cooray and Kusal Chamath
A factory at Templar’s Road, Mount Lavinia came under scrutiny of the police , senior officials of the Dehiwala Mount Lavinia Municipal Council and some other authorities in response to public complaints of nuisance and damage to the road caused by the activities of this factory. The inspection was organised by the Janatha Handa Organisation.

Representatives of the Janatha Handa Organisation explained to the authorities on the inconvenience caused to people living in 500 houses close by due to sound pollution caused by the activities at the factory. They pointed out that several houses had developed cracks on their walls and that the movement of heavy vehicles transporting containers had caused extensive damage to the road.

Residents of the area complained that their children were not able to attend to their studies due to the  noise from the factory. They also said they were threatened by the factory managers who had  heard that area residents had made representations to the authorities regarding the problem. However there had been no response from the authorities yet.
The Janatha Handa Organisation and the authorities entered the factory and carried out an inspection and instructed the factory management on several measures to be taken immediately to resolve the issue.

Factory answerable chiefly to high level of noise pollution in a residential area

Convener of the Janatha Handa Organisation , MMC Buddhika Edirisinghe said the issue if not resolved could lead to a civil commotion.
“We made several proposals to resolve the issue . The factory management was instructed to stop all activities in the factory after 8pm,  to effect repairs to the road and not to park heavy vehicles obstructing the road. The management agreed to the proposals. We would file action against the factory if they failed to keep those promises, ” he said.

Although a tense atmosphere prevailed when the crowd that had gathered levelled accusations  against the factory management,it dispersed after the  factory management agreed to the measures proposed by the authorities.

Several houses close to the  factory had developed cracks on their walls and heavy vehicles transporting containers had damaged the road