No action to stop corruption: SF

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By J.A.L. Jayasinghe
Democratic Party Leader Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka charged that no action has been taken to stop the corruption by the government, and individuals who robbed a sum of Rs 600-900 million are still out there.

“The law should be applied to all, there is no punishment for those involved in large scale robbery. We have repeatedly told the public about these things,” Field Marshal Fonseka said

 addressing a meeting of Democratic Party organizers in the Kandy district on Saturday.
He also said that corruptions were still taking place in the state institutions in a major scale.  “The government duty is to put a stop to these corruptions and bribe taking,” he said adding that “We just started the fight to change the country.” He said that the public did not vote for the progress of the country, they did not study the principles of the political parties. They (public) just voted for the main political parties, that is all.

“When talking about today’s parliament, out of all parliamentarians only ten per cent of them were qualified to become representatives of the people, others were not suitable for the Parliament” he added.