The poisoning of the Thalpitiya Canal

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Factories releasing effluents into it don’t care less: so do the authorities

Text and pics by Dayarathan Pathirana
Dirty water from factories released to the Thalpitiya Canal in Panadura has destroyed marine life and has affected the surrounding environment, residents complained.  

They also reported that the colour of the water in the canal differed from day to day and that just last week the water was dark blue and that frogs could be seen struggling in the water.  

Several residents who spoke to the Daily Mirror in Moderavila said the water was always unclean as the factories never adhered to environmental regulations. “We can see the environment being destroyed,” a resident said.
A factory in Wadduwa found releasing dirty water to the canal was temporarily shut down after residents filed legal action against it. “There are a number of factories in the area guilty of this practice and there is nothing we can do,” they said.

The colour of the water in the canal differed from day to day; last week it was was dark blue and  frogs could be seen  struggling in the water