There is a place called the Panadura public market Isn’t the Panadura UC unaware of this stinking eyesore?

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bol3By Indika Manoj Cooray and Kusal Chamath
The Panadura public market has been in a dilapidated state for a long time inconveniencing traders and thousands of others from Panadura town, Bandaragama, Horana  and Wadduwa who come there to sell their produce to traders or to purchase their own requirements.
Weathering the mosquitoes breeding profusely in stagnant water in the vicinity, blocked drains and nauseating  smell from toilets, the traders accused the Panadura Urban Council for failing to provide them even with minimum facilities to run their stalls.

People who visit the market made similar complaints about the poor condition of the market and the lack of facilities there.They complained that vegetable and fish sellers were compelled to use filthy water to wash their stalls despite the obvious hazards of that practice. They also accused public health inspectors for failing to carry out inspection of the insanitary conditions of the market and to adopt measures to remedy any shortcomings found.

The traders and the public request the Panadura UC to look into the sad state of the public market that serves a large number of people from several areas.