National List names should be in order of selection – EU Observers

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By Kelum Bandara
The European Union’s Election Observers, in their final report on the August 17 parliamentary election, have recommended that National List members be listed in the order in which they are to be selected, prior to the elections, so that the voters may have an informed choice. According to the current procedure, the parties and Independent groups announce a list before the elections.

But there is no order mentioned in advance for the selection of the members from these lists to enter parliament. This is determined according to the total votes polled nationally.

Also, the present laws provide for the nomination, to parliament, of candidates defeated at the elections.

The EU Election Observation Mission, in a discussion with the local stakeholders, have recommended the amendment of the election laws to provide for the submission of closed  lists of members,  before the elections, in the order  in which they are to be nominated to parliament, according to the number    of slots available.

The EU observers have also recommended that the election laws be amended to regulate the campaign finances of candidates (and broadcasting) so that a level playing field would be available for all.

Chief Observer Christian Preda had said a special quota should be reserved for women candidates.